Due Diligence / Programming / Concept

The Due Diligence phase of the construction process ensures that project pitfalls are identified and a plan for addressing them is established.

Our Approach

Our Process

This phase includes:

  • Creation of Assist Due Diligence Reports. These reports include ALTA, Soils, Environmental, and other pre-construction assessments to avoid construction delays.
  • We then move to produce Owner/Design-builder programming workshops to frame project phasing and ensure everyone is on-board with our approach.
  • Preliminary zoning analysis follows to establish construction zone boundaries and identify area anomalies.
  • From here, we coordinate with your City Planning Department for a pre-application meeting.
  • Once these elements are complete, we develop a conceptual site plan and architectural elevations to establish initial design frameworks.
  • A Civil Site investigation report follows to establish concept grading and utilities mapping.
  • Once these items are complete we establish your preliminary budget to outline projected investment costs and move into the next phase of development:

Entitlements Planning

Explore Other Design + Build Phases

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